Recommendations For Monitoring Healing Process of Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had open rhinoplasty 10 weeks ago. How can I best monitor the healing process - because sometimes i fell it's too swollen sometimes I think it's just ok and it needs some time. So, can you please give me some tips on what to look for or what to be concerned about. For example, it's not obvious but my right side is more swollen than the left one - is this ok? Also, how long before it's noticeable the healing of the bridge; it looked perfect for 2 days after i've taken the cast of. Thanks!

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Monitoring Nasal Healing Process after Rhinoplasty

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The asymmetry you notice 10 weeks after rhinoplasty is normal and secondary to uneven resolution of your swelling. There is really nothing to monitor because changes vary among individuals as healing progresses. If questions do arise, I suggest you contact your surgeon.

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