Am I Safe to Come off Antibiotics?

Had surgery to reposition a breast implant on March 1st. Wound separated twice since, stayed in hospital with drains and antibiotic treatment. Have had stitches removed on May 24th and everything is remaining closed. Have been on Clindamycin for 12 weeks now and hopefully will come off by May 31st/11 (at this coming Dr. visit.) Am I on the road to recovery or will it be dangerous when I come off the antibiotic? (Everything feels great and nothing hurts at this point.) Thanks. Mombo

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Antibiotics after Revisionary Breast Surgery?

I'm sorry to hear about the complications you have experienced. Giving your complicated history, online advice is not appropriate;  only a plastic surgeon ( who knows your situation intimately)  is in a position to make these decisions.

Best wishes.

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Antibiotic cover for breast implants

It sounds like you are doing well now and stopping the antibiotics (which has to be stopped at some stage anyway) is unlikely to re-start any infection. On rare occasions even long term antibiotics do not help and implant/capsule has to be removed - however from what you say it seems unlikely in your case. Good luck.

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Implants and antibiotics

At some point soon your Dr. should take you off the antibiotic.You will probable be fine, but If infection flairs up or part of the wound opens again you would be better off taking out the implant for a few months before replacing.  

Ernest D. Cronin, MD
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The decision is based on the finding and your surgeons recommendations

You need to continue your antibiotics as long as your surgeon recommend. We do not have access to all of your medication history. Please follow your surgeon's recommendations.

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Breast implant revision, safe to stop antibiotics

Antibiotics are not continued after breast augmentation or in a breast implant revision. Antibiotics can be started for an implant infection, and the length of time on will depend on the causing organism, and whether the implant has been removed. When an attempt to clear an infection is made with the implant in place, if the infection comes back after the antibiotic course is completed, implant removal is generally the best option. Your situation seems unique with twelve weeks of hospital and at home antibiotic therapy, and you are best guided by your treating medical team.

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