I Have Headaches, Nausea, and Body Aches. Could my Recent Cosmetic Injections Be to Blame?

I have recently(6th feb) received injections for cosmetic purposes. resylane in my cheeks and vistabex in my forehead. About 10 days following the procedure i began to have head aches, nausea, and sore muscles, which have been getting progressively worse as time goes on. At first i thought i had the flu, but know i am wondering if my symptoms could be as a result of my recent procedure.

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Headaches, nausea, and body aches related to cosmetic injections?

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It is not likely that the issues you are experiencing are due to your treatment. It is possible the symptoms you are experiencing are due to the flu. I would recommend speaking with your physician, as they will be able to examine you in person and provide you with advice. I hope this helps, and feel better!

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Could my sickness be related to cosmetic injections?

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It could be, but sounds more like it's the flu. If you were having a reaction of any kind to Restylane or Vistabex (which is a botulinum toxin A), you would be having other symptoms in the injection areas that would show you it was related to that - bad swelling, oozing, rashes, discoloration, etc. If you aren't having these, and did go to an experienced injector who uses legitimate products, I think you just have a bad case of the flu, which worldwide is lasting for some people as long as a month. I always suggest patients return to their injectors in any cases of concern, so you might want to do that, just to be certain.

Overwhelmingly unlikely they are related

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Restylane and Vistabex are very well tolerated generally.  Also there tends to be minimal if any migration away from the injection site.

An unlikely allergic reaction, or even infection - would more than likely have localized symptoms first.

Nevertheless, if you are not improving, you should see your doctor to help diagnose the problem.

Christopher J. Peers, MD
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Constitutional symptoms after cosmetic injections

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Headaches, nauseaa and sore muscles could be coincidental for something else going on or a immune response which is unlikely but possible. If it does not go away in several days, go back and see the doctor/provider who did the injections and or a imuunologist/rheumatologist for a check up and testing.

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