Why Am I Getting These Headaches?

I'm 23 years old and get excruciating painful headaches. Doctors told me it was cluster headaches but i believe their wrong. I broke my nose when i was 18 and its still crooked/cracked to this day due to no treatment of it at the time. The headaches only come during season changes like from winter to spring and they last about 20-30 days then go away but come back once it turns from spring to fall. I just want answers and not some doctor telling me to go buy their $200 dollar prescription of pills

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Broken Nose as Source of Headaches

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    If you have breathing problems, then you need an exam to determine if the internal nasal anatomy has been compromised.  The seasonal variability suggests another cause such as allergen trigger.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA   


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You are definitely right about your nose being the source of your headaches.  You may have a deviated suptum, concho bullosa, or nasal bone spurs.  These can irritate the delicate meshwork of nerves in your nose and trigger a headache.  This is worse during seasonal changes.  Allergies to pollens can cause inflammation and cold air can cause swelling of the mucosal lining.  Because of this you may get more inflammation in the mucosal tissue and the network of nerves.  Nasal Sprays can help.  I recommend that you have a CT scan of the nasal bones and concha to see if there is evidence of these problems.  If present you can fix this with a septorhinoplasty.  



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