Is it Possible to Widen the Top of my Head?

Can anthing be done to widen the top of my head so it's wider along the sides of my head and temple area?Because from the very top of my cheek bones(rite beside the corner of my eyebrow)it gradually goes thinner to the top corner of my forehead and all along the side of my head.

So above my cheekbones my head is very high and thin.I'm a male in my mid 20's and can't seem to get rid of this insecurity so any help would be much appreciated!Sorry about no pictures....hope you can still help!Thanks

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Narrow head

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Some type of custom made implants could work to fill in the areas you describe. Perhaps a trial session of injected fat harvested by liposuction might work to fill on depressed temples. It sounds like your concerns are more extensive. See a experienced plastic surgeon with some craniofacial surgery background.

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