HCG Diet Before Breast Augmentation

Is it safe to end this right before my Augmentation? My last day taking the drops would be 3 days before surgery. Safe or not?

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HCG Diet Before Breast Augmentation

HCG Diet with the 500 Kcal  limit of intake deprives you of certain nutrients unless you take all the necessary supplements.

Prior to your surgery get on a normal nutritional intake for a few weeks to allow proper healing post surgery.

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HCG diet and breast augmentation

I have not seen any studies regarding the HCG diet and its affects on wound healing  and the like.  You may want to go back on a regular diet a few weeks before surgery and avooid the HCG.

Steven Wallach, MD
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The HCG diet and breast augmentation

I recently saw a bit on an infomercial about the HCG diet and it certainly will work with the calorie restrictions involved. We do think that as you approach surgery, you should be on a stable weight neutral diet with good nutritional balance perhaps a month before.

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HCG and surgery

I am unaware of studies looking specifically at the relationship between the HCG diet and the effects on surgical outcomes. That being said adequate nutrition is critical to optimal wound healing and I encourage my patients to be off the hcg and on a regular diet for at least 2-6 weeks depending on the magnitude of the surgical procedure.

You need to discuss this with your surgeon as this may alter the treatment plan and timing of your surgery. Your safety and optimal outcome is your surgeons ultimate goal. I hope this was helpful.

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Fad diets right before surgery is not safe

HCG hormone is being used for weight loss.  The main issue is the starvation diet you are required to be on with the hormone.  You do not want to do the procedure when you are deprived of essential nutrients and vitamins.  Make sure you are on a normal, nutritious diet before surgery so your body is strong enough to heal and resist infection.  No one can tell you exactly where "safe" is in this situation but make sure your surgeon knows what you have been doing.

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