Is It Hazardous to Health if Liqueified Fat is Not Suctioned Out?

If excess fat wasn't suctioned out,then how does the body metabolize & remove those lipid? Assuming those liquefied fat will metabolize through our liver or other organs, will it cause any harm to our body(ie.high cholestrol level)? Is it safe to have Smart lipo twice on the same area?

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Body's Handling of Unsuctioned Fat

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The fate of unsuctioned fat has been a hot topic for over 10 years ans various evidence is emerging. We KNOW that free fat, as an organic compound will break down and cause various degrees of inflammation. If infected it becomes rancid and is a great growth medium for bacteria. If the fat is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream it will circulate through the body and be deposited in various filtration organs. Although a clear predictable absorption by the liver is only seen when large amounts of fat go through the intestine (associated with fatty cirrhosis) there is no proof that this pattern is repeated with liposuction,

The BEST way is to suction as much of the damaged fatty liquid as possible.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction suctions out the fat even after smart lipo

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Although probably the majority of liposuction surgeons aspirate out the fat when doing liposuction, there is an ongoing FDA study by the Ultrashape company that is trying to answer what happens to the body with liquified fat if it is not sucked out. External ultrasound without liposuction is being used by Ultrashape in some countries other than the U.S.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Hazardous to health if liqueified fat is not suctioned out

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It is a standard of care issue Plus the possibility of fat emboli if not suctioned out is much higher. I ALWAYS suction out any melted fats of a volume of more than 500 cc's. Be careful.

From MIAMI Dr. B

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