When will the post-op weight fall off? (Photo)

The day of my BA I weighed 133.4 lbs Later that evening I weighed my self and was at 140lbs . I am 2wks post -op and this weight gain is really starting to make me feel depressed. I worked hard to lose about 54 lbs and. To gain is really upsetting also I'm wondering if my breat are going to stay this size. Im hoping they stay this size

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Sudden weight increase after surgery

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Thank you for your question!

Implants by themselves may add to your weight by 1-2 lbs, but not 7 pounds. The rest is probably retention of body water. So if there is inflammation, swelling, and if large amounts of local anesthetics or intravenous fluids were used, then the weight would be higher. But this is temporary. Also check the weighing scale you used as it may not be calibrated correctly.

Also, please rest assured that feeling depressed within the first week after surgery is a common feeling among patients, so you are not alone.

The 1st few weeks after a cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation can be difficult both physically and emotionally. Post-operative depression is real, and its effects can be minimized if patients are prepared for and understand it in advance.

During the first week, there will be swelling, pain, discomfort, and physical change. This is a time when your inner and outer energy level will be low making you disinterested in other things. Pain medications will make you disoriented and emotional with feelings of depression coming about the 3rd or 4th day. You will start to feel better with the stitches out, and the decrease in swelling and muscle cramps.

Depression may set in due to perception of body image – and in your case, increase in perceived weight. Additionally, traces of anesthetics used to make you sleep during surgery can temporarily stay in your body’s tissues affecting you both physically (fatigue and exhausted) and emotionally (depressed and in despair) for up to 3 weeks. In addition to reducing your pain, your use of narcotic pain killers which are also considered depressants also slow everything down like alcohol bringing out a range of emotional reactions based on the mood and atmosphere of their surroundings.

The final addition to this is the physical restrictions inherent in recovery. Your usual routine in life will be dictated by the instructions for recovery which limit your movements by many weeks to allow healing. For example, you will not be able to fully use your chest muscles for a couple of weeks limiting your ability to drive, pick up things that are more than 10 pounds, change clothes, etc. Because of this loss of control of your body, your looks, your schedule, you will be stuck in bed, depending on others with basic tasks such as self-care and other daily-activities minimizing your level of independence. Because of being out of your comfort zone, you may experience feelings of restlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, and boredom. Due to the lack of exercise, your brain will only provide a short supply of endorphins.

If you maintain your diet, you should not be gaining any pounds other than the first few weeks due to inactivity. As such, try to eat healthy, fresh, and nutritious meals/snacks to aid the healing process such as more fruits and vegetables. You will want to get lost of rest.

You should always follow your surgeon’s instructions for recovery. Please share your feelings and concerns with your plastic surgeon as they will be in the position to best help you with not only you physical concerns, but your mental and emotional concerns.

Best of luck in your recovery!

Try not to worry

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The weight gain you are experiencing is likely from the intravenous fluid that was given to you during surgery. Over the course of the next 2- 3 weeks your body will get rid of that fluid. A very small portion of that weight gain will be from the weight of the implants, but that is only a very small amount. As far as breast size is concerned, I tell my patients that it takes 3 months for all the swelling in the breast to disappear. At this time you will have a better idea of the new size of your breast. Your breast size will not change significantly.

Best wishes,

Dr. Ravi Somayazula 

Post op weight

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First of all, the implants probably weigh about two pounds.  A 450cc implant is approximately one pound.  You are still swollen and your body wants to hold on to fluid after surgery.  Be patient, don't worry and give it 6-8 weeks to totally resolve.  Jane

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