How To Prevent Hay Fever After Upper Eyelid Surgery (Weepy Eyes/redness)

What to say for Hay fever related 2 UPPER eyelid surgery (& eyelid surgery in general)? Before & after surgery. How many days I should stay inside/indoors? This all because of red,little itchy, weepy eyes. Eye drop medication? Or other drugs which can help? What about my own drugs (typical hay fever drops for example)? What's left to say for other weather conditions releated 2 eyelid surgery (rain,wind,snow)? Wearing a cap could do any harm?

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Forget the allergist.

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Please immediately consult your surgeon.  I would be very concerned that you are having some type of drug reaction if this developed or worsened immediately after surgery.  I would be very concerned that you may have pink eye. Please be seen by your surgeon.  If they are not a board certified ophthalmologist, you should be seen by an ophthalmologist.  It makes no sense to see an allergist acutely.  This is something that your surgeon will want to know about and help organize your care to avoid compromising the surgical result.

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Hay fever and eyelid lift

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I would recommend that you consult with an allergist who is expert in such matters and will be able to make appropriate recommendations as to medical management of this condition.

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