My chin collapsed after chin reduction. Any suggestions?

I please need some advice and to be pointed in the direction of someone who can help me, i am 36 and have had 2 chin reductions. I first had a sliding genioplasty. After this i had some bone burred and soft tissue removed as my chin was still very prominent! This was 6 Months ago and now the bottom of my chin has collapsed!

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There might be some solutions. You would need to get advise from an orthognathic surgeon. There might be other issues involved 

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This is a very challenging situation, that appears to have been caused by the excision of mentalis muscle and/or other chin tissue.  As a first step, I'd consider having Botox injected into the muscle to see if it improves.  Another option may be the placement of filler-  either Radiesse or a silastic implant  to see if adding the volume makes an improvement.
Best of luck 

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