Infection after Breast Augmentation - Is this the normal? (photos)

I have a history w/a PS that nearly killed me. BA 11/08, I got home I noticed my stitches were coming apart. Went 2 the Dr. & he didn't do anything other than bandaging them. The days went on the more the stitches came apart. Ended up w/ a big hole, he kept sticking a cloth material in the hole. I swear the more he stuck this material in the more the hole grew. It got 2 the point u could see the implant. I am not a Dr but I wish he would have stitched me up the day they started coming apart.

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Wound Care


Typically incision dehiscence won't be re-closed post op unless caught immediately because you run the risk of trapping bacteria inside- those closures don't heal well. Conservative wound care is usually sufficient to heal minor separation. It doesn't sound as though this was minor.

However, once an implant is exposed, proper protocol is to remove it, heal and ensure any infection is eliminated before replacing- I would wait 6 months. I recommend that you follow up in person with your Plastic Surgeon for next steps or see another board certified Plastic Surgeon in person for a second opinion if you are not confident in the treatment you receive.

Take care

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Breast implant infection

Sorry to hear about your bad experience and complications. While extremely rare these situations can occur. Make sure you go to a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who should have the experience and expertise needed to manage these problems appropriately if they do occur. If the implant is ever exposed removal is the appropriate next step. In some cases an implant salvage may be attempted but will fail for sure if there is an associated infection. My guess is your surgeon was hoping the wound opening was superficial and local wound care would allow your body to heal but this wasn't the case. Best of luck

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Infection after Breast Augmentation - Is this the normal?

Definitely not the normal course but unfortunately, complications can happen. Not sure how your operating surgeon dealt with the infection but typically, wounds are not stitched closed if they start coming apart. They are kept clean with wound care/dressings and patients are placed on antibiotics with close follow up. If the implant is exposed, it typically needs to come out and is replaced after a few months. Best to see another board certified plastic surgeon in your area if you have lost confidence in your operating surgeon for your care. Good luck! 

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Breast augmentation -

Thank you for your question about your breast augmentation.

  • I am so sorry - this sounds like a terrible experience.
  • No, this is not a normal response to breast augmentation or to a complication from breast augmentation.
  • Is your surgeon an ABMS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?
  • If your implant is exposed, it must be removed immediately.
  • It must then heal - and a new implant placed no earlier than 3 months. 
  • I suggest you choose a different surgeon for the next procedure.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes. Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD

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