I was told that although my breast are large, I don't have a lot of tissue. What does this mean?

I'm 23, no kids, 5'4, average between 121-124 lbs and based on bod pod readings 18% body fat. I wear between 32DD/DDD in Victoria's Secret bras and during my menstrual cycle I'm spilling out of the DDD. (Normally slightly bulge out of them) I stand for long hours for work and do have shoulder and neck pain. Surgeon told me that although my breast were measuring large, I don't have much breast tissue. Would a reduction be worth it based on their current size?

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Are you a candidate for a breast reduction?

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Breast reductions are great for alleviating the symptoms associated with large breasts. You are describing some common symptoms of persons benefiting from this procedure. The criteria used to evaluate if you are a candidate for this procedure depends on several factors. In your case specifically, the amount of breast tissue is definitely one to consider. Others include your height, weight, chest wall width, individual breast width, breast tissue density, skin laxity, nipple areola size, nipple areola distance from sternum , age and child bearing status, and of course most importantly your desired result. After this evaluation, a better understanding of you as a surgical candidate can be achieved. 
If your surgeon said you dont have much breast tissue, you may have more skin than breast tissue. This, depending on some of the above factors, may make you suited for a different procedure called a mastopexy( breast lift). The idea is that breast tissue adds more weight and supportive framework to the breast. Without this there may be a significant loss of breast projection and shape. If there is more skin than breast tissue the surgical goal would be to remove more skin, less breast tissue thereby enhancing the supportive breast tissue 
Both procedures have their own characteristics that make them either a medical necessity or a cosmetic( self pay) issue. Your surgeon may have been referring to this as well. A second consult/revaluation may help better understand these issues.

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Breast reduction

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hard to figure that one out. If you're that big there has to be something there. I assume you saw a board-certified plastic surgeon and I would ask him or her to explain it a little better. Even though you do not fit the ideal body type I had had some very gratifying results with the liposuction only operation, in situations like this.

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