Can lipo correct my large knees?

I have very large knees. The inside of my knees touch each other when my feet are still a few inches apart. I have always had this problem, even when I was thinner growing up. My question is, if it's possible to have more of a straight line from my calf to my thigh, without the huge knob by knees getting in the way. It has bothered me and made me very self conscious my entire life.

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Knee Liposuction

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Dear AlohaChanel,

You are quite slim, but it may be possible to sculpt your knees if there is fat in this region that can be removed.  The ideal way to do this is with liposuction if it is feasible.  We use laser liposuction which has the advantage of less swelling, bruising and pain after the procedure.

During an examination, a surgeon would pinch the skin in this region to determine if there is excess fat that can be removed.  You could try this yourself and see if the pinched skin is thicker than adjacent areas.  It's best to come in for a consultation so you could get the best possible advice about whether this procedure would help you.


Shim Ching, MD

No indication for liposuction of the knees.

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With mild banding of the knees to the midline, the legs otherwise in very nice shape. I don't think that liposuction would provide any benefits.

Large knees

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You have thin, muscular legs and I don't think liposuction would do much to improve your knee contour.

Can lipo correct my large knees?

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Aloha Chanel,
Liposuction of the inner knees may result in some improvement, but it's likely that your bone structure is a contributing cause.
Only an in-office exam can give you a definite answer.
Hope this helps,
Dr D

Can Liposuction Correct My Knees That Touch Each Other?

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Fat on the inside of the knee is particularly unique to females.  Like the fat on the tricep area of the upper arm, it appears that both fatty deposits (knees and upper arms) have something to do with estrogen. 

Liposuction of the inner knee was one of the most popular areas for liposuction at the very beginning of liposuction in America, circa 1983.  Liposuctioning the inner knees can take the bulge away which causes the two knees to touch when standing up straight if the problem is, in fact, fat. 

A second cause of knees touching is known as genu valgum (knock knees).  Genu valgum is a bony process where fatty knees are more of a hormonal/metabolic process. 

The pictures you sent were excellent, but nothing beats an in person physical exam to diagnose the problem and give you a honest answer as to whether liposuction of your inner knees will stop your knees from touching and give you a straight line from calf to thigh.  I apologize for not being able to give you an exact answer.  In medicine, there's an old saying: "can't see, can't say".  In your case, a good paraphrase would be: can't touch, can't say. 

Lipo for large knees

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Liposuction for the knees  will address the areas where the knees are touching and the area above the knee. Looking at your picture I don't see much of a fatty knees. The fact that your knees are touching could be due to a slight inward curve or thickening of the femoral bone. Your plastic surgeon will determine this by doing the pinch test on the problem area. Usually if your pinch test is more than 2 cms , you will improve with liposuction. By removing the fat bulge you will obtain more of a straight line from your calf to your thighs. Good Luck

Paul E. Audi MD

Paul Audi, MD
Lebanon Plastic Surgeon

Yes yes yes

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 Liposuction of the inner niece works great.He can easily be done with local anesthesia.It's possible to take in this area dramatically.Most people have some fullness on their inner knees so making that area completely flat may not look natural.Talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon.Best,Mats Hagstrom M.D. 

#Liposuction - for my large knees?

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Lipo could help you, although it is unlikely to give you perfectly straight knees, because it depends on what is causing those bumps - if it's bone (which it looks like at least some of it is), then lipo can't be expected to do everything.

You would of course need to be examined in person for a full assessment and discussion of lipo.  But if you think you'd be happy with some of that extra fat diminished, then you may well benefit from the lipo.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. Alan Engler
Member of #RealSelf100

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