I have an underbite that's really impairing my speech. How can I fix it? Through braces, veneers or surgery?

Only my teeth are overlapping the upper teeth , i may be getting veneers to size up my relatively small teeth .Any opinions on that ? My jaw isnt protuding like most underbites , so its kinda like the teeth only . Appreciate answers from you guys :DD thank you so much

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Underbite Treatment

              I agree with Dr. Stachel. I would not have any veneers done until you have a full treatment plan established. Have a consultation with an Orthodontist who may then refer you to an Oral Surgeon to determine if a combination of orthodontic treatment and Orthognathic ( jaw straightening ) surgery would yield the best correction for you. Veneers would be done after you have achieved the final tooth and jaw positions and your general dentist will work in conjunction with the Orthodontist and Oral Surgeon. Good luck.

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I would suggest that you consult with an orthodontist before proceeding with veneers.  They will take the necessary records and measurements to determine what the best treatment options are for you.  Its very difficult to give any advice with that picture alone.  Good luck on achieving a beautiful smile!

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