I Have Noticed That I Have Ripples on my Rt Side Breast. I Also Have Very Itchy Breast? (photo)

My concern is if the ripples are going to go away? I got silicone under the muscle I am 3 month post op. Will the scar that is covering the implant grow more and cover them? The sharp stabbing pain is annoying and when is it going to go away! The itchy part I think might be the healing process but I don't know I have very itchy breast on both sides what can that be?

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You need to visit your surgeon.

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There is a laundry list of postoperative issues accompanied by photograph it doesn't demonstrate very much. You should write down your concerns very precisely and present them to your surgeon at the time of the next visit.

I Have Noticed That I Have Ripples on my Rt Side Breast. I Also Have Very Itchy Breast? (

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Photos are not of area in question. Best to seek IN PERSON examinations for these issues, especially from your chosen surgeon.//

Rippling and itching post augmentation

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I agree with Dr. Wallach that addition of tissue may help the rippling.  I would have you consider fat transfer before Strattice based on cost considerations.  As for the itching and pains, it commonly takes 8 to 10 months before these issues are resolved, but they should be getting better as time moves forward.  Do notify your surgeon if there are any signs of infection such as redness, swelling, or worsening of symptoms that are out of character with the usual improving trends of healing.

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Rippling of implants

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Rippling occurs when there is not adequate soft tissue coverage of an implant. Sometimes strattice or fat injection can help to thicken the covering.

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