Why are my eyes so asymmetrical? (photo)

I just recently noticed this, but my eyes are pretty asymmetrical. My right eye is more droopy and positioned slightly lower than the left; the right eyebrow is also higher up then the left. Is it normal to be asymmetrical like this?

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Asymmetrical Eyes

Asymmetrical eyes is common in many people, however if this is something you wish to correct, I recommend scheduling an in-person consultation with a highly qualified, board certified plastic surgeon as he/she can better asses your situation in person.   I’ve seen many patients with similar concerns as you who have in fact benefited from eyelid surgery. Alternatively, both dermal fillers and botox can temporarily correct this issue as well. The aim for dermal fillers is to restore a loss of volume in the eyelid area, which may have contributed to the overall droopiness and sagging of the skin. When injected into the upper eye area, Botox can temporarily change the position of the eyebrow, giving the upper eyelid a slight lift as well. Whichever option you decide to go with, the most important thing is to be comfortable with the plastic surgeon or provider you have chosen to complete your procedure.

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Asymmetry of eyes

It is actually rare to find perfect symmetry in anyone's eyes.  Your minor asymmetry is very normal and this finding is not distracting or considered a deformity.  As surgeons, we are trained to evaluate the multiple variables that can create asymmetry and develop techniques to correct them, but only if they are problematic.  Most minor asymmetry is viewed as interesting variations that create our image recognition.

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