Haven't Had Any Results After Two IPL Treatments For Acne Scars; What Can I Do? (photo)

i have acne scare on my face and i want to remove that. my dr suggest me for ipl acne mode and i start that on first i didnt got any result. its fine i wait for another but after 20 day i had my 2nd setting but still I didnt get any result and i am feeling little white acne and pimple also from 2nd i have pay 6000 rs but not satisfied and my dr. is saying now that this for ance controll only afterward you take treatment of dramaroller that help you to prevent you scarce now what can i do?

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IPL is for pigment, not acne scarring

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When IPL hit the market over a decade ago it had many promises for acne scarring; however, in my practice and after having done over 110,000 IPL treatments, I can tell you that it doesn't help with the actual scarring. It helps with the discoloration, tone, and surface texture, but the scarring isn't helped by IPL. The reason is that IPL is a surface treatment and acne scarring is way too deep to resolve. If you want to alleviate acne scarring you have to get into the deeper layers of the skin, either with eMatrix, or other semi-ablative lasers. IPL simply will not work for acne scarring, and neither will derma rolling, as that merely hits the top layers too. 

Haven't Had Any Results After Two IPL Treatments For Acne Scars; What Can I Do?

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Sorry for the poor result from a poor treatment and doctor. As you see here on RealSelf.com only 53% received a result from IPL. I believe everyone should read this blog before obtaining a treatment/therapy/operation. RealSelf is the best way to review prior to these procedures the % that results are attained. Regards 

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