Do you think my results will stay after having asymmetry fixed - 2nd surgery

I've posted here before.. I had my asymmitry fixed dr suggested I increase in size whole getting assymitry issues fixed. I'm wondering if it looks like my results are stable. Had surgery on 7/22/16 my doctor does not think they will move/drop anymore I am happy with the result.

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Revision breast surgery

Your breasts look pretty good in the photo that you posted . Not sure what you are looking to achieve with additional surgery.

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Do you think my results will stay after having asymmetry fixed - 2nd surgery

 Congratulations on having undergone the revisionry breast surgery.   Based on your description and photographs, I think that you have a very nice outcome, that will likely be stable.  I would suggest the use of supportive bras  and compliance with any postoperative activity restrictions.  In other words, be careful; advanced your activity level based on your plastic surgeon's recommendations, in a slow and gradual fashion. Best wishes.

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Yes, they look more symmetric.  It is likely that your results should last for some time. Best wishes!
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