Nasal graft still swollen at 4 months (Photo)

I had reconstructive revision surgery for a nasal valve collapse from a previous rhinoplasty. The surgeon placed a cartilage graft along my nostril. Since the surgery my nose has looked wider and swollen and the lump from the graft has not gone down. I am wondering if this type of swellinh and discoloration is normal, or if I will need to have it shaved down. If so, how long until then, and will the surgery be open or closed?

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Swelling and Prominent Graft after Revision Rhinoplasty

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I would expect noticeable changes for at least 12 months after your revision surgery. 1 year is the earliest I would consider revision surgery. 

Whether your particular area of concern will change enough so that your concerns are obsolete could be best answered by your rhinoplasty surgeon. 

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