Lap band to sleeve wait period? (photo)

I had success with the band 5years ago but since having my child I have been really struggling with losing weight. 210lbs 5'6 my question is, I went through 8 month waiting period had to do sleep tests, psych eval, support groups etc.. am I going to have to go through all of that again? Maybe it depends on the doctor but I'm just wondering. I have moved so far away from my surgeon seeing if this would all make sense again. I left a message hopefully the dr calls me back Monday

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Requirements for conversion from Band to sleeve

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Your BMI is now below 35.  It may be an uphill battle for you.  You may have to prove that there is a complication of the band such as slippage, in order to get your insurance company to pay for it.  The waiting period is doctor-specific.

Your other option is to pay for the conversion on your own.  I take care of many such patients.  Our total price for conversion from band to sleeve is about $13,000.

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