Lap band to sleeve with the same doctor?

Do you need to go to the same doctor that put in your lap band in order to get it taken out? Mine wants me to go through another 6month waiting and psych eval etc after removing it. I don't wana do two surgeries unless totally necessary.

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Band to sleeve conversion can almost always be done in one step

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Most of the time the conversion can be done at the same time.  The most common exception is when the band has eroded into the stomach.  This can usually be determined before the operation is done.  The other exception is when there is an acute slippage and the blood supply to the slipped part of the stomach is cut off.

Your answer to your other question is surgeon and insurance specific.  If there is an emergency, then obviously you don't have a waiting period.  If you have been going to your surgeon on a regular basis for band adjustments, then you have already been in a medically supervised weight loss program.  When I am trying to get approval from insurance companies for conversions, I argue that it shouldn't be the patient's fault when they fail to lose weight with the LapBAND, because it is a bad operation that often doesn't work.  Perhaps it is our fault for ever recommending this crappy operation in the first place.

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No but..

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Sometimes conversion to a sleeve can be done at the same time, and sometimes it is too dangerous to do it at the same time.  I would trust your surgeon with this one - 

Terry Simpson, MD, FACS
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