I need front crowns ive grinded them down. What should I do? (photos)

I need my front teeth crowned. Ive grinded them down to almost the gum line plus i only have mass health so they cover crowns please help my self esteem is rock bottom

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Full mouth reconstruction

You do have very severe wear on your teeth. Your teeth can definitely be restored but you will need crowns on all your teeth (not just the front teeth). This procedure is called full-mouth reconstruction. Due to the grinding, your bite has collapsed and needs to be opened by placing crowns on all of your teeth. Unfortunately, you need extensive treatment that can be expensive. 
In the meantime, I would recommend getting a nightguard to prevent any further damage to your teeth. 

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Severe Wear

That is some severe wear.  This is not a case for a general dentist without the proper training to treat this.  You should see out a dentist proficient in full mouth reconstruction.  You will likely need to have your bite opened and crown every tooth in your mouth.  Best of luck.  

Scott Young, DDS
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Worn down teeth, What should I do?

Looking at your worn out teeth, does not give me a whole lot of information as to what caused it, which can be due to clenching, acid erosion and many other factors that collapsed your bite.
At this stage you need a full mouth reconstruction, via crowns and veneers. If You do not start treatment with reconstructive dentist, chances are that you will get shorter teeth, Your bite needs to be restored to what it was previously, and the cause must be dealt with asap. There is possibility of gum alteration and re-contouring prior to having crowns, and I highly suggest you see an expert reconstructive dentist who has done plenty of full mouth rehabilitation cases. Unfortunately the cost of having full mouth dental reconstruction is not cheap.
Best of luck to you.

Anthony Mobasser, DDS, DMD
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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Thank you for your inquiry and time in submitting your photos. It's recommended to first approach this by determining what has caused your current condition and how to prevent it from continuing into the future so that any restorations you do will want to be protected. You'll have to see how your root structures are for each tooth and see if they could support crowns. If this is possible, you may need root canals since when your teeth will be "prepped" for crowns your nerve may likely be affected. In addition, be prepared to have all your teeth treated (including molars) since you'll have to address not only your front teeth but also your molars since you'll want to maintain a proper bite for occlusion. This will be considered a "full mouth rehabilitation" The most important thing will be to go to a dentist who's experienced with similar cases so that you can have results you're looking for both medically and physically.  A specialist such as a prosthodontist would be fully versed and experienced in treating cases like yours and would absolutely be recommended for you to research and visit.  Take your time since it may be a long process ahead of you but you'll want to be comfortable and confident with your treating dentist AND love your results. We hope this helps and wish you the best - you're off to a great start by just asking this question! 

Dental crowns

Hi, thanks for write... First of all you need to treat the bruxism, because this disease with porcelain will worse. After that, you need to do root canals in each teeth with post and later your sthetic crowns, verify your occlusion. Good luck. 

Jepssy Beltre, DDS
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