What are the chances of my plastic surgeon performing a Septoplasty on my nose? I'm 15. (photos)

How bad is my deviated septum based on the photos? what is your recommendations?

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Septoplasty Candidacy

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Generally each plastic surgeon has a different minimum age requirement for septoplasty surgery. In addition to being mentally ready for surgery, your nose should also be physically mature. Most females fully develop once they are 14 years old. However, your growth cycle maybe different. A deviated nasal septum may not always be visible in pictures. I recommend having a thorough nasal exam. Consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon about your concerns. Generally for patients under the age of 18, most plastic surgeons will need to consult with the parents as well

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The septum must be addressed to correct a deviated nose

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The septum is of significant structural importance, as it provides support to the nasal vault and nasal tip. Anatomic deviation, injury, or deformity of the nasal septum can lead to nasal vault deformity, collapse or nasal airway obstruction. A significantly deviated nasal vault will usually have a deviated nasal septum.

The term Septoplasty is frequently used to describe surgical correction of the nasal septum without addressing the "visible external nose". A Rhinoplasty is often used to describe correction of the external nasal components for either cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. Septo-Rhinoplasty defines the combination of both procedures, which can be misleading. Sometimes the septum has to be corrected in order to address the external form and function of the nose. The opposite holds true as well.

Many of the procedures that alter the shape of the septum and improve nasal airway, can also affect the shape of the nose. Many of the maneuvers that open up the internal nasal valve to improve airflow, can also straighten the nasal vault and effect the overall aesthetic appearance of the nose. The septum and nasal vault are converging components of the nose. Straightening a deviated nasal septum will help straighten a deviated nasal dorsum, and vice versa.

I typically perform a septo-rhinoplasty for a significantly deviated nose. The septoplasty (sometimes combined with turbinate reduction and/or surgical widening of the internal nasal valve) can help improve nasal airway obstruction. 

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