Hate the Asymmetry and Size of Areola After Breast Augmentation, Need Revision Advice? (photo)

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Areola asymmetry and reduction

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Would suggest bilateral periareolar mastopexy procedures...the design of the procedure could elevate the left nipple while reducing both areolas to a more proportionate size.  This would provide a longer lasting result than a crescent lift which tends to leave you with enlarged areolas.  The scars from this procedure would be very acceptable to most patients.

Maui Plastic Surgeon

Nipple Repositioning

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Assuming your breasts are soft and there is no capsular contracture causing this problem, a small crescent incision over your left nipple will elevate it and also turn it upward so it has more the same direction as your right nipple.  Correcting the positioning of your areola would be a much bigger operation with probably unacceptable scars.  I love the Benelli mastopexy which can make your areolar smaller and to some extent, equalize your nipple areolar positions, but I am afraid, in this case, it would be a long run for a short slide, and I think you would hate the scars. 

This is a great question for your personal plastic surgeon.  I am sure he or she will have an excellent answer for you.  If you are still unsure, the good news is Pittsburgh is replete with outstanding Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, anyone of whom can answer your question and make suggestions about possible surgeries.

Areola Can Enlarge After Breast Implants or Breast Lifts

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Lifting, or enlarging the breast can alter, or increase the shape of the areola.  Surgery can reduce the size of the areola, but there will be circular scars.  These scars can sometimes be troublesome and enlarge.  A repeat procedure to re-reduce the areola is sometimes necessary.  So, your enlarged areolar complex can be reduced, but there will be scars.

The surgery can be done under local anesthesia.

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