Facial Plastic SUrgery For Asymmetrical Lips and Face Hurts and Feels Tight? (photo)

last year pic I was pretty. 4 pds less then. now, lips are assymetrical, face hurts n feels tight. R face- the tissue feels paper thin yet puffy lower cheek w/ faint circle around puffyness. the L side of my face is wider yet firm. part of side of face=concave.L jaw is lower. (gets sore) I smile & teeth barely show, same when i talk. top lip wont lift to show more teeth, bottom L lip feels puffy. & the 2 indents when i smile are pulling hard! Nerve damage? tmj? I want surgery 2 look like old me!

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Recommend extreme caution here.

Did you have a surgery between the two sets of pictures?  You do not make this clear.  Are you clinically depressed?  How many hours a day are you thinking about these issues?  Surgery will not fix clinical depression.  Surgery will not fix body dysmorphic disorder.  Surgery will not fix acne.  In the first photo, you skin looks very clear.  I recommend you start with a board certified dermatologist with a flair for treating acne.  Get your acne under control.  I think this may help you feel better about yourself.  Do not be in a hurry for a surgical fix because fixing the surgeries can be very tuff.  Keep calm and carry on.

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