Is it Safe to Have Implant Revision After Capsular Contractures with Hashimoto Thyroiditis? Should they Just be Removed?

My girlfriend has HT. She had silicone implants placed under the muscle, 3 months later developed capsular contracture Grade 3 in both breasts. The doctor is recommended that they be removed and for her to consider not putting them back in. That because she has an autoimmune disease and the contractures happened so fast. Another choice is to remove the implants, remove both capsules and then place smaller implants. But risk of happening again is greater than 20%.

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Capsular contracture

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There are several options for treating capsular contractures, including removing both implants and capsules and not replacing them or waiting 3-4 months to replace them.  Also placing new implants and addidn strattice, to name a few.

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