Has Anyone Experienced a Crusty Brown Scabbing After Fraxel?

I got fraxel laser done on my entire face on Friday morning, it is Sunday afternoon and I still have extensive swelling all over my face, but more concerning to me is that my whole face has turned a crusty brown colour and is one big scab. I'm not sure what to do and it doesn't sound as if this is a normal reaction. Has anyone had this kind of experience and how long should I expect it to last? I was told I would be able to return to work Monday but there is no chance at this stage. I'm actually a bit scared.

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Fraxel Healing

It is very normal to have a bronze appearance to you skin several days after Fraxel Repair. Your skin will begin to peel or flake off leaving bright, smooth, pink skin underneath. The redness will typically persist for several months but can easily be concealed with make-up. We recommend a product called Glo-Mineral make-up. Be sure to wear a sunblock while you are have redness to your skin to prevent a condition where the skin can darken (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

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