Should I reconsider accutane again?

Two years ago I started a 5 month treatment of accutane. I had cystic acne but it all went away and I had completely clear skin for about 9 months. I then started to break out again mostly around my cheeks. I assumed it was just hormonal but it never went away even when I wasn't on my period. I talked to my dermatologist & he prescribed me to retry the topical I used before I initially started accutane. All was fine until 2 months ago. I'm getting cystic acne again. Would accutane be beneficial?

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Second course of accutane

Yes, sometimes a second (even third course) of accutane (isotretinoin) can be necessary for some folks.  We know that the more isotretinoin you get in your system, the less likely you are to have relapses.  Don't fret, each time you do it, your acne gets better and better.  I would make sure you are taking at least 1 mg/kg a day, since accutane is weight based.  Best of luck!

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