Got wisdom tooth removed on the 19 of Nov and now it feels like I have a toothache?

I had my wisdom teeth removed on the 19 of Nov and now it feels like I have a toothache. The 2 teeth before my wisdom teeth now hurt like hell. Can it be nerve damage? It's not dry socket there's no puss or smell coming from the areas. I been taking my antibiotics and pain killers but they don't work. I'm in very serious pain.

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Pain After Extractions

You had your teeth extracted over a week ago. It is normal to think the area should not hurt so much by now.  Since it is impossible from here to say what happened during the procedure and you don't experience dry socket now, especially with normal use of antibiotics post operatively, what is left is to talk to the dentist who provided the treatment. Call them now and get in there today if they are open. Minimally talk to the doc on call. It might be your doc or someone with the knowledge of what happened in your case. You really want to be seen or to be professionally evaluated by the treating office.  It should be at no charge to you too as a normal follow up to the procedure. I wish you well. 

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