Can mondor's cords be the cause of my right breast not softening? (Photo)

4 weeks post breast augmentation with 400cc smooth silicone implants. I have developed a painful mondor's cord under my right breast. My left breast is soft and feels natural since about 2wks post op, can't even feel the implant. My right breast continues to feel harder and I have a hard lump (assuming it's the implant) like a tennis ball is in there. It is more uncomfortable to massage as I can feel it moving around in the chest cavity.

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Capsular contracture early after augmentation

You obviously have an early capsular contracture. The cord is not unusual after augmentation and will resolve on its own if the capsule softens. 

you need close follow up by your surgeon. 

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Mondor's cords and implant firmness

Hello, Mondor's cords are not common so I do not have to manage this condition very frequently.   I can't recall a patient getting a hard breast associated with these cords, but perhaps other surgeons will have a different experience.  If you are having multiple problems I would suggest contacting your surgeon to discuss.

William Andrade, MD
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Mondor's Cord

You need to discuss this with your surgeon but if you have a Mondor's cord it should not affect the softness of your breast.  The cord is thought to be due to a blood clot in a superficial vein and usually resolves in a few weeks.

Richard Kofkoff, MD, FACS
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Mondor's cords

Mondor's cords develop as superficial thrombophlebitis.  This should not make the breast tight but can cause pain over the site of the cord.

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Firmness in breast augmentation

I think Mondor's cord is over diagnosed and often what is called Mondor's cord is just normal scar tissue along the  inframammary incision that is usually noted at about 3 weeks.  Your need to be examined by your surgeon soon because to me it sounds like an early capsular contracture.  There are medications that can help with this and they seem to work better the sooner they are prescribed.  Good luck.

William Koenig, MD
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Can mondor's cords be the cause of my right breast not softening?

Without in person examination can not offer much guidance...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Mondors cord/firmness

One implant being softer that the other is not uncommon at this relatively early stage in your recovery. I would visit with your surgeon. Has he/she examined this area? What did he/she think? An in-person exam is always the gold-standard in these situations, so I think you should be examined in-person. Even though it is unlikely that there is any real pathology at this point like capsule, etc, your surgeon can get a snapshot of how things are looking at this point. This way, they can better advise you later on if it is still persisting. Keep massaging and make that appointment.
Good luck!
Dr. Subbio

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A Mondors cord should resolve slowly over time and ought to not really matter with respect to your implant firmness.  Four weeks is too early to judge your result, good or bad, and it would also very early for capsular contracture development.  It is more likely that your pocket is still tight and needs more time and massaging to relax and soften.  Check with your surgeon regarding your concerns.

Jeffrey D. Wagner, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Asymmetric healing

It's certainly not helping, but it should resolve itself. In general, each breast tends to heal/drop at a different rate so it is not at all unusual at 4 weeks post op to have one breast be much softer than the other. Continue to check in with your surgeon and follow his or her advise on the mondor's cord. It could take anywhere from 3-6 months for your final results to be patient. Best, Dr. Nazarian

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
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