So I had laser eye surgery about 2 months ago, now I've noticed my vision is a little blurry in my right eye.

I had perfect vision until just about a few days ago I noticed it was slightly blurry from far. I just want to know like will it heal or is it still healing, is this not meant to happen, should I get it checked ?!

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Vision blurry after 2 months

You should certainly have the eye checked.  The most common thing my patients routinely experience during healing is dryness.  Blurriness is often a result of dryness.  I would recommend that you start to use some good quality tears regularly- perhaps 4-6 times per day and make an appointment a few days out, and if the blurriness does not subside by the time of your appointment, let the doctor take a look.  You are likely still following up with your physician anyway.

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