Breast lift with implant and scars on top removal? (photos)

Hi, can I have scar revision on full anchor scars and or c02 and ematrix even though I have breast implants underneath the muscle. One clinic told me radio frequency may affect the implant so they can't give it to me. I really want to get rid of these scars permanently I have done a years derma stamping every other day so they are not deep now / thick and very flat. I don't want to get scar camouflage tattoo as I don't think that lasts very long either. the redness is hydroquinone.

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Scars are good

These scars, unfortunately can't be improved, they are the best a mastopexy may provide, subsequently neither deleted.

I am sorry to read your regrets, I understand the level of communication-understanding was poor between your surgeon and yourself.

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