What type of ear surgery can make my ears smaller? Traditional otoplasty is not what I'm looking for. (Photo)

It's a SIZE issue, not sticking out. I know that this problem will get worse as I age. I'm tired of not being able to wear my hair in a cute ponytail like other girls. I feel embarrassed an that any man I date will be embarrassed if the size if my ears are exposed because they are so comparably large to average size ears. I'm also tired of having bigger ears than the men I date. Doesn't make me feel feminine. It makes me feel awkward and I feel it takes away from any attractive features I have.

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Ear reduction surgery

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is available and involves either the wedge previously mentioned or a more elegant type procedure that would resect a considerable amount of the scapha (large, flat part of ear) as well as some of your lobe.  Fees will vary by the extensiveness of your procedure as well.  See a local board certified plastic surgeon for more information and options.  You must be clear in your explanation as to what you expect and what parts you want smaller so your surgeon can better understand what results you want.

Smaller Ear Surgery

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As you point out, an otoplasty will not make your ears smaller. A wedge resection of the superior helix and concha should produce a smaller ear. The total cost of surgery is $4100 which includes the board certified professional fee, board certified anesthesia fee, and medicare approved surgicenter.

Hope this helps. 

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