Post Op 24 Hours? (photo)

Hi drs! I'm so sore had sx yesterday bbl 600cc each cheek lipo of flanks abdomen belly. can't get comfy. I have 2 main questions, 1. If it hurts so much when I'm standing or sleeping or shifting, is me moving around harmful? Should I be more still? 2. Dr said I can lay in side but my worry is that upper fat graft in top part of butt will get smooshed? How does that work thanks much !

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Post-OP 24 Hours?

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The most important thing to do is have good communication with your surgeon who performed the procedure and follow his/her instructions.  Having pain and swelling 24 hours post surgery is normal.  I tell my patients to move around and walk but not for exercise.  Walking immediately after the operation prevents blood clots and pneumonia's.  I do not allow my patients to sit for 10 days following the operation and you must sleep on your stomach for 1 month following the operation.  You cannot exercise for 6 weeks following the operation.  Walking is fine and is encouraged starting right after the operation.  I do not allow you to lay on your side if fat was placed in the hip areas.  Good luck ans speak directly with your surgeon.

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