Available options to conceal an extraction of #8, if I require a Bone Graft and cannot have an immediate implant? (Photo)

I had a failed amalgam filling on #8. As an immediate fix, my dentist performed a root canal and composite restoration, with the understanding that I would likely require (and now do) an extraction and implant. A crown was not placed (I lack enough tooth structure for a reliable restoration.). The adjacent teeth are intact, and a permanent bridge would be a last resort/undesirable option. I have been reluctant to start the process because I am concerned about a visible gap. What are my options?

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Dental implants

You do not have to have a gap under or around an implant crown. When the implant is properly placed, you can have a very natural look. This can be done with immediate or delayed restoration. 

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Root canal. .implant

Dear smorga10:

I'm sorry that your are having a problem.  However, let's start with the fact that you are referring to tooth#5 and not#8.  In addition, a well sealed root canal treatment and a crown is, and had been shown to last for many many years with superior esthetics to an implant restoration.  Something was lost in translation from your dentist.

You haven't provided an x-ray to look at, but from your photo it appears that you have plenty of tooth structure for a crown.

Things do not quite add up from your story.  You say that now the tooth has to be extracted, but you are not giving a reason why.  If it is tooth#5, the one in the photo, that requires extraction, it is actually an ideal tooth for an extraction, an immediate implant placement and an immediate temporary crown without any kind of grafting.  Your own natural tooth is almost always a better choice.

Look up a prosthodontist in your area and go in for a consult with the expert in this field.  

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