12cm X 4cm serums in my abdominal wall under my navel. Had abdominoplasty with the navel moved six years ago. What should I do?

I have suffered repeated episodes of the seroma fluid leaking through my navel. This is usually accompanied by infection in and radiating from the navel. After the most recent episode a wound care specialist surgeon has recommended surgical removal of the seroma as well as the navel. He feels that the decreased blood supply will make it impossible to save the navel. I don't want to keep getting these severe infections. Is this the best course of action?

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Treatment of Abdominal Seromas

You will need the removal of the membrane that allows the seroma to repeatedly form to cure it.The wound care doctor may not have the expertise to best treat this complication of this surgery, so I recommend you get a consultation with a plastic surgeon, as you may indeed be able to save your umbilicus. Or if you can't, make a dip in the skin that looks like on if you have the right kind of surgeon doing the procedure.

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Chronic seromas

Hello. Thank you for your question.   Chronic seromas are best treated with surgery.  Sometimes it's helpful to remove the capsule that chronic seromas use to have in order to prevent further episodes.   Try to visit a certified plastic surgeon in your area.  Best of luck

are best treated with surgery.  

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Seroma of Abdomen 6 years after Tummy Tuck

The only way to fix this successfully is to remove the seroma cavity and putting in a drain or 2 to prevent recurrence.   Any seroma that is present for more than a couple weeks becomes lined with a wall of scar tissue around it.   Once you have this, the seroma will likely never go away.   The only way to effectively correct this problem is to remove this balloon of scar tissue through your old tummy tuck scar.   If your umbilicus is currently alive, I see no reason to remove it and no reason it should die.   If it is alive and all you are having done is removal of this seroma pocket, it should remain alive.   I would definitely seek another opinion!

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
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What should I do?

Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your seroma issues. After six years the seroma has formed a capsule around it making any attempts at conservative management impossible.  In order to fully remove it and in the hopes of limiting the possibility of recurrence I would recommend redoing the lower half of your tummy tuck to remove this thickened tissue and then placement of quilting stitches and a drain to help seal the skin back down to your muscle.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
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