Did I Harm my Nose

hello it has been 6 months since my nose surgery. everythings great. however i am baby sitting right now and the baby is too small so she hits me and holds my nose most of the time. and sometimes after work my nose really aches. i was wondering if i did any harm because i really do hit my nose a lot although i try not to.

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Trauma to nose

It seems unlikely that an infant could damage your nose at six months.  At six months your nose should be as strong as before surgery. However you may still have some unresolved swelling

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Did I Harm my Nose

Most likely not but best to be seen in person by your treating surgeon for a be safe evaluation. Regards 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Did my Baby Harm my Nose after Surgery

Of course it always best to protect your nose (and any part of your body you have recently had surgery performed on) during the recovery period. Generally the nasal bones heal fairly quickly because they are very thin. This is why a nasal splint is placed after surgery in order to protect the nasal bones during the initial healing period. If the baby did not hit the nose with a lot of impact and it looks and feels like the bones have not shifted there is probably no permanent harm to the healing process. The repeated trauma may lead to increased inflammation and therefore tenderness of the nose. Although permanent damage is unlikely at six months after surgery, I would advise my patients to avoid this type of repeated trauma because it will most likely extend your recovery period.

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