Hardness on Inner Thigh 2 Months After Smart Lipo

I am 2 mos post smart lipo inner thigh/anterior and knee. Is hardness and a little swelling as well as lymph nodes normal at this point?

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Not unusal and can persist for a few months

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The extent to which this can be normal depends on several factors namely the amount of fat removed, the duration of wearing the compression garment, presence of pre-operative cellulite to name a few.  I used to have patients wear a garment for only 3 - 4 weeks but because most patients are young, active and any surgical procedure done on an area below the level of the heart can have more protracted swelling.  You want your doctor to make sure you don't have an infection especially with tender lymph nodes but isolated lumps/hardness may just be treated fat that just needs to be broken down and absorbed by the body. The breakdown of this fat, often called fat necrosis, causes inflammation as the body tries to break it down and absorb it. This, in turn,  can cause the lymph nodes to be swollen as well.

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Swelling is part of the game and can persist for months Are you still wearing some type of compression garment? If you are still concerned return to your doctor

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