Is Hardness in One Breast a Sign of Capsular Contracture?

Do I have capsular contracture if after 11 days my right breast is harder than my left? I started doing arm exercises and stretching on day 7 and most of my pain is on my side under my armpits, and on my right side the pain actually wraps around into my upper back.

I had the incision done underneath my breast which is hard, as well as the sides of my breast and the front of my right breast. The front of my left breast is nice and soft. If I have capsular contraction can I reverse it?

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Unlikely that you have capsular contracture 11 days after surgery

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Most likely there is a fluid collection on that side that may require attention by your plastic surgeon. In most cases a small fluid collection will resolve without any treatment. I find that using alternating warm and cold packs helps.

Capsular contracture is a contidition that involves the formation of thikened scar tissue around an implant that contracts and makes it seem that the implant has heardened. Prevention of this condition includes the use of antibiotics at the time of surgery, the avoidance of bleeding around the implant, and the application fo vigorous massage in the post op period. I have had some success in using ultrasound to help prevent scar tissue formation.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Unlikely to be capsular contracture, but possible

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Early capsular contracture is not common but it can happen. You could also have a fluid collection in there, so I'd be sure your surgeon has seen you and checked things out. Follow your surgeon's direction as to how you should proceed. Fresh post-operative patients should be managed by their surgeon to ensure the best results.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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