Hardness and Lumps Post Tumescent Lipo in Central Area (Abdomen) is this Normal?s

I am 2 months post lipo of upper/lower abds, flanks, upper/lower back with removal of 2L of fat,weekly massage.1st, my garments gives in the waistline, but appears more loose in upper/lower waistline. In my right flank, experiencing intermittent hardness and pain, usually it tightens overnight while asleep. 2nd, in the front of my abds, due to this variation of compression with my Veronique garment, the swelling is more prominent upper & lower.I'm in med field, no seroma.What can I do?

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Post Liposuction Swelling, Hardness and Lumps

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Regarding your complaint of Post Tumescent Liposuction  Hardness and  Lumps  Yes it may be perfectly normal. Here are some answers about its cause and treatment
Massage can help manage firm lumps and bumps following liposuction to a varying degree. If the reason for this firm area is because of residual edema (called induration) then it will likely be gone by 6 months. Other causes may be from a localized seroma, liquefied fat pocket, or a fat deposit that did not survive.

Therapeutic or "lymphatic massage" may be helpful following  a  Liposuction Procedure to minimize swelling and resolve some of these firm areas.. Make sure your surgeon feels that you have healed sufficiently  and it is safe before doing this.  Endermologie is also very helpful after liposculpture/liposuction but again, not critical.  Although deep tissue massage following liposuction can aid in smoothing out  contour irregularities that invariably accompany this procedure it has limited effect on the final outcome and  is NOT mandatory. Some plastic surgeons recommend it to all  patients as they feel the edema resolves faster.  Ask your surgeon to show you or a significant other how to do this if cost is an issue. Typically they will have you massage toward areas of maximum lymphatic drainage ( for example groin or armpits) A low sodium diet may also be helpful early on.

Lumps after liposuction

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Two liters is a fair amount of fat to be liposuctioned from your trunk area, and lumps are definitly possible even at two months. If these lumps are hard as you describe, this is most likely swelling yet to be diminished. I don't think a compression garment willl help at two months. Massages may help though. It's just going to take time, so try to be patient.

A proper diet, low salt, lots of water intake will help, however. Simple carbohydrates are your enemy and will delay your healing. Exercising will also help. At two months you should be able to do anything you want in the way of exercising. If you don't exercise, then long walks will help. Someone once told me that is is hard to change one's behavior. That is so true, but it can be done. Good luck.

Normal to have swelling after liposuction

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Firmness and lumpiness are very common after liposuction of any type. If you are having skin irregularities it is possible that these were pre-existing.  It is the soft tissues normal response to trauma.  More than likely the swelling is better in the morning when you first wake up and gets worse throughout the day as you go about your normal activities.  Light massage is beneficial but in general it just takes time for this to resolve.  Look for it to remain about the same for the next three weeks and then begin to get better between the 6 th week and the end of the 3rd month.  Continue to wear your compression garment as instructed.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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