4 Hard Welts After Ulthera Treatment?

I had full face and neck ulthera treatment done 6 days. Right after the treatment I got 6 big hard welts on my neck... They are still there and haven't really gone down in size - the doctor is kind of stumped and told me to use camomile tea bags on them... Which I thought was silly but that hasn't worked. Any idea on why this would happen? If they will go away? What it is? And what to do next? Any info would be great !

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Welts after Ultherapy

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Welts after Ultherapy will go away. It is from not keeping the transducer perfectly perpendicular when doing Ultherapy. The energy gets attenuated in the skin and not in the intended depth as shown on the screen. 


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Have done many of these procedures and have seen bruising and one pt had a welt but it resolved quickly. It is due to the amount of heat generated in the tissue. can use topical steroids

Joseph A. Russo, MD
Newton Plastic Surgeon
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Hard lump complication after Utlherapy

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I I haven't seen this complication yet after doing Ultherapy for two years but possibly there is a bruise in a vein and it will take time to go away. I would expect it would be slightly discolored bluish. there could be a possibility that there were small cysts that weren't noticed until after the ultherapy.

You need an examination for a physician to give you guidance, so please continue to see your doctor, but you may wish to get a second opinion, and not via the internet.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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