Hard Stomach After Body Jet Liposuction

My stomach is hard in most places. I had body jet lipo 03/22/2010. I feel like I have loose fat in my stomach and when I lay down I feel the fat distributing however I lay. When I stand the fat or liquids slowly move down to my hips and below my stomach causing extreme pain very swollen to the feel and my stomach looks like a tire has been place around my stomach. I have the stomach band and it's very uncomfortable. Is my this normal? I have no happy results yet. Very emotional right now

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Body jet liposuction

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Your concerns may be lessened by seeing your surgeon.  There is normal swelling after surgery but you should get reassurance that everythng is OK. Call your surgeon to schedule a follow-up examination to be sure there is no problem.

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You need to have further evaluation for seroma

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The picture tha you sent shows the stretch marks and uneven abdomin. You have described the symptoms of seroma and you will need to have further evaluation and treatment. Based on you picture you were a poor candidate for liposuction only(any kind of lipo) and should have had tummy tuck.

Hard Stomach After Body Jet Liposuction

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Thank you for your question.

It would be best to talk to your surgeon and have an appointment with him. It is likely to be swelling but could be some other fluid collection that can be diagnosed on physical examination by your surgeon. 

All The Best !

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Recovery from liposuction in New York City.

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1) Your story is unusual and your picture shows some irregularities after liposuction. We would do a sonogram to see if you have a seroma (liquid collection) that needs to be removed.

2) If no seroma, we would send you for lymphatic drainage massage, which can help get a smooth result.

3) It's very early. You will not see final result for four months. But uneven contour is worrisome.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Recovery from Body Jet lipo

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Some of the post-operative concerns can be normal. Here are some ways to get best results for smooth contour after liposuction:

  1. fluid collection: This is known as seroma, which is collection of fluid. This can be easily diagnosed with ultrasound and drained serially.
  2. lumps and bumps: This is common after liposuction, with more superficial liposuction, using larger cannula, aggressive suction, or laser. The key to minimize or preventing this is using small caliber cannula and avoid aggressive suction superficially, followed by massage, ultrasound, vac cum therapy such as Velashape or Velasmooth.
  3. stiffness: This is normal event as the subcutaneous layers trying to heal itself. The stiffness improve over time and can be reduced by massage, ultrasound, vaccum therapy.

George Sun, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Problems after water body jet lipo?

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I would discuss your findings with your surgeon. It is still very early and it looks as if part of your problem may be due to a seroma or compression garment wear.

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