Hard Spot on Right Side, Bruised and Warm to Touch After TT Mommy Makeover?

 After being examined by the nurse (Dr not available because he was performing surgery), she said it was not hematoma. I am still swollen more on right side with one hard spot which is bruised and warm to the touch. Oozing has diminished to 25cc but the odor is bad and looks black red. There is still a and old clot in the bulb so I am thinking this is cause the bad odor. Please advise

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Potential Complication?

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I'm concerned you have an area that feels hard and is warm to touch. Its not possible to give you any recommendations without an examination.  But I think you need to return to your plastic surgeon's office and have the M.D. evaluate you.   You may have an early infection or a fluid collection.  Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Dr. Basu

Houston, TX

When You Have A Potential Complication, You Need To See The Doctor

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A bruised warm spot which is tender to the touch, swollen, with a bad odor means see the doctor.  Although the nurse may or may not be correct, you need to be assertive and talk to the doctor directly.  Without seeing a photograph or without doing a face to face exam, I cannot give you an absolute answer as to what is going on, but if I was the patient, I would demand to see the doctor.  If I was the doctor, I would appreciate the patient being so assertive.  That way, I can treat the problem if there is a problem or allay my patient's fears if there is no problem. 

Concern after tummy tuck

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Without examining you or without photo, I cannot give you a recommendation.  If you have firmness, drainage with odor, and warmth, you may have skin infection or retained fluid collection.  You need to be seen by your plastic surgeon so that he can recommend local wound care +/- antibiotics.

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Bruising, Swelling, Odor after Tummy Tuck

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Although you might not have a large hematoma, it is possible to have a small retained collection of fluid or blood that may be infected.   This should be carefully followed and monitored by your plastic surgeon.  

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Need to be examined by your plastic surgeon

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Dark red or black fluid output through the drain is indicative of some sort of bleed.  Most likely you had a localized area of bleed sometime after your surgery.  Your plastic surgeon should evaluate this and tell you what you should do.  

Bruising and warmth after tummy tuck

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Without seeing you, it is hard to tell exactly what may be going on.  You should return to see your surgeon to be evaluated by them and for your own piece of mind and treatment as needed.

Todd C. Case, MD
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

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