Hard Spot on Bottom of Implant - Left is Much Higher After Bellini Lift and Augmentation? (photo)

3.5 weeks ago I had a belleni lift and submusclar high profile mentor gel impalnts.I also have assymetry and scolilolisis.My PS put a 350cc on my right, and 400cc on left. My 400 (Left) is so high and my rt. appears to have dropped-making them incredibly uneven.The left also has a hard, sort of bump on the bottom of the implant and is sensitive to the touch. Is this sensitive /hard spot normal? And do you think the left breast will drop and even up with the right?

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Hard Spot on Bottom of Implant - Left is Much Higher After Bellini Lift and Augmentation?

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Based upon your posted photos and description you have multiple issues in my opinion. The left sounds like a capsular contracture of resolving hematoma. Though the position is more youthful appearing if you like the higher riding effect. While the right needed a full or L-shaped lifting with correct of the placement of the infra mammary fold. Seek opinions in person. Sorry for the issues. 

Still Early

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It's still early to tell how the final result will look. Having a simultaneous breast lift and augmentation in the setting of preoperative asymmetry and scoliosis is a challenging situation. Your photos after 3.5 weeks are actually pretty good. It is common for one side to heal differently than the other, especially when both sides had different things done to them (in your case different size implants). The right implant actually looks to be even with the left implant at the breast crease (the bottom), and the asymmetry appears at the top. It's a good sign if both implants are even at the bottom, but not on top. Asymmetry at the top could be due to more swelling or muscle spasm on that side. It wouldn't be surprising that the side that got the larger implant has more swelling and muscle spasm making it look higher. Overall, I would recommend waiting at least 3 months before assessing your symmetry, but I am optimistic they will even out. Be sure to discuss your concerns with your surgeon for further information.


In regard to the hard bump on the bottom of the left, I would ask your surgeon about it. It could be scar tissue, the implant, a suture or any number of things.

Armin Moshyedi, MD
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

Asymmetry of breasts especially related to scoliosis can be difficult to correct with breast implants

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Unfortunately, if you have breast asymmetry related to scoliosis, it can cause uneveness in the appearance of your breasts after breast augmentation.  This may improve after the implants have had the chance to settle fully.  But, it can take up to 3 months for things to settle.  Ultimately, you may have asymmetry because your breasts were asymmetric before surgery.  This asymmetry of breast tissue can be very difficult to correct with breast implant surgery.  


As for the lump, I can't quite explain it without examining you.  Consult your plastic surgeon and he or she will be able to tell you.

Richard H. Lee, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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