Hard Scar After Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I had open rhino 2 years ago and am unhappy with the resulting columellar scar, which itself is just a thin white line but the area around it is darker (very subtle but people do see it, it's like a darker horizontal band, or shade) and it is hard, which you wouldn't see, but it still bothers me because I feel that sort of bump every time I rub/touch/blow my nose. Would 5fu do the trick? Or is it just normal after rhino to have a hard bump under the nose?

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Hard Scar After Rhino

Certainly you can have some discoloration of the skin surrounding a scar or the scar itself. It sounds like your scar is pretty thin. I can't tell you that 5FU would be the best choice. Scars can also heal and be very firm. I use some steroid injection to soften scar tissue but this usually is done much earlier than one year. You just need to follow up with your surgeon because it is hard for me to advise you without seeing the scar.

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Hard scar after rhinoplasty

Scars after rhinoplasty may vary in their appearance and firmness.  Ideally, as scar is very soft, subtle, and nearly matches the surrounding skin color.  Some scars do, however, heal with a more firm feel.  It sounds like your actual scar is thin and subtle, but that there might be some discoloration of the surrounding skin, and perhaps some contour irregularity causing irregular shading around the scar.


My best advice would be to follow up with your board certified plastic surgeon.  If the scar itself is abnormally firm, a limited steroid injection may help soften the scar.  If the surrounding tissue is irregular around the scar, a minor surgical revision may be recommended.  If this is an issue of irregular pigmentation around the healed scar, laser therapy may help reduce that appearance.


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