I Have a Hard Mass on the Lower Right Side of my Breast. What Could It Be? (photo)

I'm 4 weeks post op silicone gel, sub muscular, lift and 350cc. Last week I began to run a low grade fever with chills and muscle aches. The ps didn't think it was anything from the surgery so I went to a doctor they did a full work up and everything was normal. They put me on an antibiotic just incase. Yesterday when I was getting ready to massage I noticed a hard mass in the the lower right near the fold and it leads up to my nipple. I looked in the mirror and now my breast is deformed by the area.

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See Your Surgeon About Hardening After Breast Augmentation

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With the fever, chills and muscle aches, you should definitely see your surgeon about this. While it may not be serious, it sounds like it could be an infection that should be checked out. Please express your concern and all the symptoms you're experiencing with your surgeon as soon as possible.

Breast mass after surgery

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It is impossible to evaluate a breast mass without examining you in person.  With that in mind, I would suggest that you call your plastic surgeon.  He/she may want to see you in order to determine the nature of this mass.  It may simply be scar tissue or fat necrosis, however, it needs to be seen in order to be evaluated.

Edwin C. Pound, III, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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I Have a Hard Mass on the Lower Right Side of my Breast. What Could It Be?

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Over the internet even with the posted photo we CAN NOT diagnose SEE YOUR SURGEON again ASAP! Follow finding would be nice to hear about. 

Firmness in lateral breast after augmentation

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It is difficult to tell in the photo that you posted what is going on. It is best to be seen in person. You should contact your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling after aug/lift can last 3-4 months

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   I don't see the deformity, but there is an area of fullness or an imprint in the lower, medial right breast.  This could represent lymphedema in the skin which can persist this long.  I see the periareolar scars, and they are healing nicely, but I don't see any other scars.  I don't think this is Mondors disease, which are linear cords usually below the breast.  There is no redness which could indicate cellulitis.  Could you have had a UTI or a viral syndrome which was coincident with the surgery?   I couldn't help but notice your unusual tattoo.  I may have seen you on a tattoo show.  Best of luck with any additional work.

D`Arcy Honeycutt, MD
Bismarck Plastic Surgeon
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Breast swelling postop

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It may also be transient swelling of the breast tissue due to dissection through the breast via the periareolar incision.  This can last for several weeks postop.  With fever, one may consider the possibility of mastitis.  Please follow up regularly with your surgeon.

I Have a Hard Mass on the Lower Right Side of my Breast. What Could It Be

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This finding, along with the history of fever will require an examination by your surgeon. This will not be solved on RealSelf. Possibilities include infection, blood or serum collection (hematoma, seroma), "fat necrosis" (scar in fat due to insufficient blood supply). 

Call and make an appointment with your surgeon. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Short-term contour issues after breast augmentation and breast lift are not uncommon.

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It is possible that the description of the breast lump is a part of the healing process. This is best assessed by your surgeon. Don't panic but stay in contact with him.

Mass in breast 4 weeks postop

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Without photos and even better an in person exam it is difficult to determine from your description exactly what is going on.  It may be fat necrosis from the lift, a knuckle in the implant or other cause.  You should consult with your surgeon to assess your situation and concerns.  Perhaps an ultrasound is warranted to look at this area, but an evaluation should be done first.  

Todd C. Case, MD
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

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