Will the hard lumps after vaser liposuction improve?

I received vaser liposuction about 11 months ago. I had upper arms,  outer thighs, and my abdomen. Initially my arms were the most painful and lumpy areas-- they took about 5-6 months to smooth out. They looked pretty grotesque for a while. Now 11 months later I still have two hard areas in my abdomen-- on hard, lumpy in my lower abdomen and one large lump just above my navel. I asked the board certified surgeon about these areas 4 months after my surgery and he encourage me to continue massaging the areas. Could these lumps be scar tissue? The large and hardest lump above my naval is the most resistant. It is still painful to massage after all this time and I'm not sure what to do. Is there any point in hoping for change after 11 months or should I request a revision?

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TriActive or Vela-Smooth after Vaser

I like the TriActive immediately after Vaser to mobilize the sweling and modulate the helaing after Vaser or any fat removal.

In my ara, there are some phyiscal therapists who are specialized in techniqies to soften scarring after procedures. Either way I would look into some of these treatments before you consider a revsion.


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Will the hard lumps after vaser liposuction improve?

Best to have a revision after 11 months since surgery. Seek some additional opinions to be sure of the treatment. 

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