Hard Lump 6 Weeks After Liposuction That Only Gets Bigger, Normal?

6 weeks after tummy lipo, I developed a hard lump next to my navel the size of half a ping pong ball. In 24 hours, it had more than doubled in size and became red, hot and extremely painful to touch or to move around. Went to ER and a needle was plunged in 2x and nothing came out. They said it was solid rather than fluid. What the heck is that? They gave me anti-bio and anti-inflam for 14 days. Is this normal? I'm panicking because my surgeon doesn't know what it is & wants me to massage.

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Postop liposuction nodule

it sounds like you've done all the right things. Going to the emergency room and contact your doctor. The most important thing for you to do is to do frequent follow-ups with you Dr.

Infection is a thing that you must be careful with. Redness and pain and fever are the signs of infection. Some infections can take place without fever. Following up with the doctor frequently see if things are getting better or worse is important.

A collection of fluid or scar tissue can cause nodule but usually it is not red. This will usually go away over time.

Continue to keep in close contact with the doctor to make sure this is not getting worse. I hope this helps.

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