Hard Lump Possibly Under Incision Site After Eyelid Surgery

hard lump in inner corner of eye i think affecting crease. anyway to rid it? hot compresses & massaging? i'm 1 month post op. how long until it goes away?

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Lump Under Eyelid Incision

The BEST thing to do is see your surgeon and ask him. Without a photograph we are left to guess what this may be. In the vast majority of cases this is a temporary swelling which goes away with gentle massaging. The exception may be a lump along the side of the eye that bridges the upper and lower lid scars. In that case the area may require more attention.

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Lump under incision after blepharoplasty

A hard lump under the incision for a blepharoplasty can occur. Hot compresses, massaging, and a small cortisone shot into the area will help break up this small, hard lump. This may take a couple of months to settle down and go away.

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Lumps after eyelid surgery

A lump after surgery that occurs soon after the procedure is usually temporary.  You should definitely have your surgeon look at it periodically, to make sure there is not an infection or a fluid collection that might require specific treatment.

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One month is the time when these issues are at their worst

Most post surgical lumps and bumps go way with time.  However, the best course here is schedule a follow up with your surgeon and get their opinion.  They are in the best position to advise you and will be very motivated to help you with any issues.

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