Hard lump in armpit after breast drain tubes. How long does it take before this subsides?

I have a hard lump in armpit after having breast drain tubes removed over two weeks ago. Only one armpit has this hard knot, it is painful and is kind of preventing me from reaching my arm up high and the mobility of my arm. When I stretch the arm it is pain down to the elbow and tightness. Why is it doing this? How long does it take before this subsides?

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I agree with Dr Seckel

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See your surgeon if it doesnt resolve and or if you have a fever, redness, increasing pain or other signs of an infection. wgs

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Lump in arm pit after breast augmentation requires an exam by your plastic surgeon.

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Thank you for your question. A lump in the arm pit after drain removal following breast augmentation may simply be swelling and inflammation from the presence of the drain.

However it is important for you to see your plastic surgeon for an exam to make certain that you're not developing an infection or other problem related to the drain.

Armpit lump

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If you have an armpit lump just keep an eye on it for a could of weeks - i suspect that it will resolve in time. cal if it does not!!!

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